Do you have a Nectar Card?

I often think about the future of the hairdressing industry. I wonder what the next advancement in hair will be? Will the instant hair growth pill become a reality? Instantaneous colour change at the touch of a button? (total recall style) will Angelo Seminara ever return my calls? Up & down the country, will the line “something for the weekend” be uttered by a haircutting robot? False hair do’s organically grown and printed by a 3D printer? I wonder how long it will be before there’s an app for that?

The world wide web and social media has enabled us to share every thought or incident we are involved in 24/7. The advancement of technology involved in our personal lives mean that even though we are more connected to each other, we are even more disconnected from what’s happening around us. People barely look up from there smart phones anymore. They seem to ignore the real world to concentrate on what’s going down in the virtual one.

Going to the hair salon when I used to be an apprentice at Staffords seemed to be a social event with friends. Except Mondays, we never worked Mondays. However everyone that came through the door no matter what day it was we welcomed in with open arms, it  Encouraged a warm wanted feeling inside from client & hairdresser. (ok maybe not towards the last client of the day that arrived 20 minutes late) but even that indiscretion was forgotten 5 minutes into the service.

I fear that in future getting your haircut will miss that buzz and instead fall into a chore like going out for a bottle of milk. (I still get mine delivered BTW)

Some Butchers & grocers are struggling to keep there spot on the high st. Mainly replaced by bookmakers & tax dodging coffee shops.

Who/What is going to be next to leave?

I hope its not hair salons
I hope they retain there personality and individualism. I believe hairdresser’s will Increase there expertise and professionalism so that we make ourselves recession proof and have the opportunity to do what we love, where we love to do it.

Otherwise we will have supermarket sponsored hairdressing salons. Using us, as a loss leader to encourage everyone to have a cut using there nectar points. #ffs it could happen.

Hairdressing is an art / craft / skill / trade. I am proud to be involved in such a great industry.
Salons are an important part of the high Street. For more than just the service they provide,  but also the social event every visit becomes.

Let’s save our salons from robots & nectar cards. Make your hairdresser happy. Make an appointment today.


2 thoughts on “Do you have a Nectar Card?

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