The Future

The hairdressing industry is changing.

The internet combined with an influx of do it yourself hairdressing products, tips & tricks will force salons to face up to a new reality. My Fear of the future is that supermarket hairdressing salons will replace salons & barbers on the high street.
For every snippet of the craft & skill that’s taken out of hairdressing by the latest advance in Do it Yourself styling. Is another nail in a hairdressers coffin.

There’s a part of our industry that is not in great health at the moment and that is the humble salon. With increased competition from chain commercial salons like ones found in malls run by huge corporations to hair companies having cheap versions of the professional equivalent are doing there best in wrestle hairdressing salons to the ground.

Increased running costs from TAXES to Energy Bills combined with fewer customers with disposable income & the damage the internet has made to the retailing income of a salon business.

We are in a culture of making a fast buck and shopping around, value is found in the price of x compared with price of z (thanks meerkats)
It’s no wonder hairdressing salons are struggling in the retail area.

With a “client is king” philosophy the till takings have main priority. Turning down the easy cash in order to do the right thing is morally a tough call. How do you deal with the client that wishes to bleach there hair beyond repair? Can you point out the short term pain (not going blonde) for long term gain? (easier to manage hair)

“Condition is King” so let them know. You are a hairdresser and you are the one they pay to see. They must value your opinion, so impart some of that opinion onto them. Don’t be afraid to hear “No” & never fear that you will upset them. If you help solve an issue they have with there hair. Then surely they will appreciate your opinion in the long run?
The one thing we have left in our hands is Service. Professionalism and Expertise. Let’s get better at sharing it so you can secure your future. This is key to a successful hairdresser.


In Britain. Let’s consider the rise of GHD in 10 years they have become such a major player on the industry due to clever marketing & an even cleverer product. The ceramic straightening iron was & still is genius. It prompted hundreds of copycats to release there version of a revolutionary straightening product, ceramic this, titanium that, steam this etc.

What emphasis was put on protecting hair from this 230 Celsius heat? That temperature is far to hot for genetically European hair Yet its no coincidence that the current version of the GHD iron is now toned down to approximately 185 degrees Celsius. I believe Lee Stafford was the one of the first to recognize the importance of a Flat Iron Protection Spray. A lacquer specially formulated to protect the hair from the impact of such heat. Even so this product was released a few years after the first GHD iron hit our shores. In the UK the Damage has been done over the last decade or so.

3 times in a toaster

3 times in a toaster

What happens to bread if you put it in a toaster 3 times? So to constantly iron the same section of hair over and over again will have the same effect as a toaster right? Burnt. Correct. So knowing that, who are the latest revolutionary brand to steam roller the market? Moroccan Oil. The exact remedy to combat the nation’s New dry brittle hair syndrome. Obviously.

This tells us that hair here in the UK is burnt, Dry & Brittle.

With every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

A Simple philosophy that is the same in the majority of successful businesses all over the world. Keep it simple Son/Sister (delete accordingly)

Have your eyes on the prize yes. But play the long game & WIN. In other words focus & commitment = success & loyalty.

In the salon industry what is your vision? Where is your focus? How will you implement it?
What is the value of customer service? How is the skill set of your team? How can you increase your takings? Are you using social media? Questions as hairdressers you always have to ask yourself.

As a salon owner/hairdresser you are aware that emphasis on Education is paramount to success, but the education you really need to pass on is about condition and effects on the Finish of hair to your staff and clients.

This is where i come in. I am supported by a plethora of hair industry professionals to help.

I would love your support to.

Please share with me your thoughts and experiences about Hair Condition. I need to hear about them.

Help me help you……;->

I am going to create a new program to educate everyone about Hair Condition, its Importance and impact on every facet of the hairdressing industry.

I aim to release a new scale to measure the exact condition of hair & hope to ensure it help’s everybody’s understanding of this versatile material called hair. (The Hair Condition Scale will be found on here soon)

I will bring this message to Hairdressers all over the UK.
So in the long term we can inform and educate our clients of the value of Great Conditioned Hair.

Stay Classy UK.


This is a simplified manifesto and I realize the size of the task. Ultimately I want to empower you, so that together we can raise the bar & put the expertise back into the hairdressing industry and help out hairdressers to become redundant proof & ultimately be more successful.

If you care about your profession, your industry, your business, your clients and yourself.

Then pass the message on about hair condition. It’s in your hands
Think twice about that material you spend every day of your life handling.
It makes sense to understand the minutiae of it.
On a good day its silk on a bad day its spaghetti.

Everyone bangs on about organic this & that. Yet why do we ignore the fact that hair really needs to be taken back to being pure hair & not layers of artificial silicons, mimicked keratin’s & other harsh unpronounceable chemicals.

I want to tell u about healthy hair. I want to show you how to recognize healthy hair. I want to help you understand what the differences are. I want you to impart this expertise onto whoever sits in your chair.
I want this information to go forth and multiply. Knowledge is power and sharing knowledge is a privilege.

I hope your listening?


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