About Me – Aaron Dorn aka @hair_did

Aaron Dorn aka @hair_did

Hands Up if Your listening?

My Name is Aaron Dorn. I do hair.

I used to program computers. However I changed career to become a hairdresser in 2000.  It’s the best career decision I ever made. I love hair.

I live in Essex, UK. I am a Husband to a Wife and a Father to two girls. I am a Gemini so be aware of us.

I have worked in almost every part of the Hair Industry. Salon, Fashion, Celebrity, Commercial, TV, Film, Music, Editorial, Social Media, Corporate, Platform Artist & Educator.
I have done hair all over the world. In all kinds of scenario’s.
I have learned from legendary hairdressers in the Industry like Angelo & Eugene & I love the fact i am still learning. I like to talk & I like to listen.
I am passionate about hair and hairdressing, from root to tip. I love hair condition, tools, products, treatments, extensions, wigs, colours, updo’s, downdo’s, #hairongs and hairdon’ts .

My name is Aaron. I am glad.

You can find me on twitter @hair_did or under the hash tag #hairong or check out my Facebook

Thanks for stopping by. Now you can enjoy your treat. look at my showreel below –


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Condition is King

As everyone of my Hairdressing friends will testify Condition is King. Yet the focus of condition in our industry especially in the UK in my opinion seems that its not our first priority.
I want to show you the benefits of making it YOUR PRIORITY. I want to share with you what i know about hair & show that a simple change of regime will reap long lasting rewards for you & your hairdresser.

Now i am armed with a number of specific hair conditioning products for specific hair conditions. I propose to show you how to make your hair’s life easier and more beautiful than ever before.
Hair Conditioning Treatments
hair needs a treat. the clue is in the title.
One catch though and that is you must donate some pounds to my chosen charity this year which is felicia’s fund & http://prostatecanceruk.org/
I will be doing the treatments in Cowboys & Angels salon in Chalkwell on specific Tuesday’s thru March. first event will be Tuesday March 4th 2014

Armed with a number of hair conditioning treatments. I have to share with you.

Armed with a number of hair conditioning treatments. I have to share with you.

aaron dorn hair

the condition scale of hair
condition is king

Consultation Pad to help analyze Clients hair condition

Consultation Pad to help analyze Clients hair condition

Thought for the Day

•You can use the consultation pad to ask the questions that every hairdresser should ask before any kind of hair service.
•Use the scale to show the client where their hair is according to the questions asked.
•Use your fingers to feel the hair the answers to the questions should back up the reasons why the hair feels like it does.

You should Think Condition Is King & Show Your Expertise.

No excuses think  CARE  (Consultation – Analyze – Rate – Educate)
that will be all.
back to work
aaron dorn hair

the condition scale of hair

Consider using below to help analyze your clients hair condition and also track the improvement in the clients hair after every conditioning session. Incorporate this into every consultation. If you track the progress of your clients condition then you help your client understand and manage their expectation. Its a marathon and not a sprint to optimum hair condition. Make sure your client is aware of this.

Commit to them and get them to commit to beautiful hair. Good Luck

Consultation Pad to help analyze Clients hair condition

Consultation Pad to help analyze Clients hair condition


Integral Hair Condition Education in Essex

Excited to announce that my crusade against dodgy hair condition takes an important step today as i share my program for the first time in a salon.

thanks to the Girls at

cowboys and angels

based in Chalkwell Essex


Big thanks to everyone so far for there input into my idea.

Lets do this.


For more details about my hair conditioning program tweet me @hair_did



@hair_did at Ultimate Leigh on Sea

Fyi I am going to be doing a little charity hair show on Monday Night with Lee Stafford.  Details below. I hope to see y’all there.


Come and see me play Simon Cowell to Lee’s Louis Walsh. Haha #justkidding

Job done.

Thanks to everyone who came. We managed to raise lots of money for our chosen charities Marie curie & Felicias Leg

Me & my assistant Adam Palmer plus my gorgeous models Roni & Lauren.

A close up of the monster fish tail expertly sported by Lauren.


Two tone monster pony tail being rocked by Roni

Sorry blogging been a bit slow will be more prolific soon. Will hook up the hair condition scale in due course.
So far I have 2 haircare companies interested in it. So look out for more news soon.

Do you have a Nectar Card?

I often think about the future of the hairdressing industry. I wonder what the next advancement in hair will be? Will the instant hair growth pill become a reality? Instantaneous colour change at the touch of a button? (total recall style) will Angelo Seminara ever return my calls? Up & down the country, will the line “something for the weekend” be uttered by a haircutting robot? False hair do’s organically grown and printed by a 3D printer? I wonder how long it will be before there’s an app for that?

The world wide web and social media has enabled us to share every thought or incident we are involved in 24/7. The advancement of technology involved in our personal lives mean that even though we are more connected to each other, we are even more disconnected from what’s happening around us. People barely look up from there smart phones anymore. They seem to ignore the real world to concentrate on what’s going down in the virtual one.

Going to the hair salon when I used to be an apprentice at Staffords seemed to be a social event with friends. Except Mondays, we never worked Mondays. However everyone that came through the door no matter what day it was we welcomed in with open arms, it  Encouraged a warm wanted feeling inside from client & hairdresser. (ok maybe not towards the last client of the day that arrived 20 minutes late) but even that indiscretion was forgotten 5 minutes into the service.

I fear that in future getting your haircut will miss that buzz and instead fall into a chore like going out for a bottle of milk. (I still get mine delivered BTW)

Some Butchers & grocers are struggling to keep there spot on the high st. Mainly replaced by bookmakers & tax dodging coffee shops.

Who/What is going to be next to leave?

I hope its not hair salons
I hope they retain there personality and individualism. I believe hairdresser’s will Increase there expertise and professionalism so that we make ourselves recession proof and have the opportunity to do what we love, where we love to do it.

Otherwise we will have supermarket sponsored hairdressing salons. Using us, as a loss leader to encourage everyone to have a cut using there nectar points. #ffs it could happen.

Hairdressing is an art / craft / skill / trade. I am proud to be involved in such a great industry.
Salons are an important part of the high Street. For more than just the service they provide,  but also the social event every visit becomes.

Let’s save our salons from robots & nectar cards. Make your hairdresser happy. Make an appointment today.