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Aaron Dorn aka @hair_did

Hands Up if Your listening?

My Name is Aaron Dorn. I do hair.

I used to program computers. However I changed career to become a hairdresser in 2000. It’s the best career decision I ever made. I love hair.

I live in Essex, UK. I am a Husband to a Wife and a Father to two girls. I am a Gemini so be aware of us.

I have worked in almost every part of the Hair Industry. Salon, Fashion, Celebrity, Commercial, TV, Film, Music, Editorial, Social Media, Corporate, Platform Artist & Educator.
I have done hair all over the world. In all kinds of scenario’s.
I have learned from legendary hairdressers in the Industry like Angelo & Eugene & I love the fact I am still learning. I am passionate about hair and hairdressing, from root to tip. I love hair condition, tools, products, treatments, extensions, wigs, colours, updo’s, downdo’s, #hairongs and hairdont’s .

You can find me on twitter @aarondornhair or my Facebook and Instagram

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Gene Editing

Fed up of Corona Virus updates?

Me too. So I began to watch a fascinating documentary on Netflix called Unnatural Selection. A docuseries about an underground movement that have discovered how to edit genes in their garage. Fundamentally the ability to change life as we know it. From their GARAGE.

From making glow in the dark dogs to curing degenerative diseases. Then it got me thinking about hair. Will it be possible to gene edit your hair?

The answer is yes. (Another nail in the coffin of the humble hairdresser you may think) but don’t worry it’s some way off as yet. And longer if the Rona has anything to say about it.

They will be able to change colour, texture and density with gene editing therapy or crispr as it may be called. Now with all technology the argument is made regarding the ethics of such a thing or playing God as some like to call it. Can it be used for bad dystopian tyrannical governments? Yes. Can it be used to end excruciating suffering from birth? Yes. And there in lies the issue. Everything can be abused, manipulated, restricted, expanded. It hasn’t stopped the human race before look at the nuclear energy, clean energy production good, atom bomb bad.

The genome map of hair traits

Anyway check it out. It’s fascinating. What would you like to see improved or changed with your genes?

COVID-19 A Positive Twist for Hair

As if you didn’t know already. There is a little thing called Corona that is spreading all over town. It’s a weird little thing that affects people in different ways. For some people the virus has mild effects, for some, it has lasting serious effects.

To all, it has disastrous economic and psychological effects. My family and I have been isolating for over 4 days to help break the contact cycle of this thing. Salons all over the globe have shut down and not to do so is perceived as incredibly irresponsible.

In time we will see if this was the correct thing to do.

My Post (19)
Unfortunately, for both of us, the consequences of this mean that you will all be “Hairy Mary’s” in no time.

So before you attempt to tackle that fringe and do your own box dye. Don’t.

Work on your condition and leave the bleach alone. Watch your condition improve. Watch the life come back into your style. Don’t be afraid, stop looking in the mirror.
No one is judging you and of those using video messaging well just use the face tune hair tune thing to distract your viewers from it. If one thing comes out of this pandemic, I hope it’s this.

Your hair condition will improve tremendously. Prevention is better than cure. As an industry and a culture, we won’t have the inclination to rely on cuticle shredding practices in the future.

Bad colour & especially Bleach is responsible for the continued degradation of hair texture over time. As we get older our hair ages. By continually using bleach we accelerate hair and scalp ailments.

Take care out there. Leave your hair alone. It’s temporary. I am sure that hairdressers everywhere agree with me when I say. Stay away from the scissors and box dyes because that won’t end well.

Condition is Key – It’s time to realise that the hair we play with has a chance to regenerate.

Don’t waste this once in a lifetime opportunity. Unpopular opinion and some may think controversial, I know. Trust me, Your hair will be amazing in 6 weeks.

Update: Lockdown began on March 23rd and was lifted for hair salons on July 4th. A total of 104 days.

If you managed to stay away from colour especially bleach, then your hair will be feeling silkier and looking healthy.

Now look for alternatives to change your hair colour. From hair extensions to temporary colour even wigs.

Don’t let brands tempt you back into bleach. Things like smart bond and olaplex won’t help you. For context it’s like treating a broken leg with a band aid plaster.

A post I saw on one of these pages exclaimed excitedly that “the ‘o’ makes them lots of money.” Which is fine but it smacks of a rip off. Say the clients suffer years of bleach abuse. Hair irreversibly damaged. Think of the money they will lose when the client has not got any hair left.

For a free consultation for treatment, hair extensions or styling advice reach out to me now

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You have ways to keep your condition intact. From healthy eating, drinking water and even sleeping upside down all will help stimulate the scalp and feed our follicles. If you are not as gymnastic. Some of these products are my go to for hair issues.


deep protein conditioner


Smartbond vs Olaplex discuss

Currently doing research on these two colour additives. If you have good experiences or bad ones please reach out to me on Twitter, instagram @aarondornhair


I have my suspicions that these are gimmicks invented to part you with your hard earned and not do any significant repair to your hair.

I am willing to be surprised though. Anyone want to do a case study with me?

Need previous bleached hair.

What will be left of the High St?

I wrote some time ago about my fear that hair salons will not be able to compete on the High St. Hair Salons help to give the High Street a unique and independent look. The usual coffee shops, bookmakers, supermarkets and charity shops do not. The end of the High St is nigh. For me it’s understandable. It’s not a great experience. Pay thru the nose for parking (if you can get parked) then under constant surveilance by cash vampires otherwise known as parking attendants. All this before you step out of the car. Oh and you’re probably miles away from where you need to go. It’s outdoor so in the UK you’re more than likely gonna get wet. Do I need to go on? This is why I think we will all be cutting hair for Tescos and paid in Clubcard points. Owning a hair salon in the 21st century is hard. Due to Increased costs, increased legislation, bureacracy and better technology. The skills required to run a successful salon are constantly changing. This downward pressure on the owners and on the profit margins will make most people think. What’s the point?

Look at the gentrification happening in central London where famous institutional hairdressing salons are being forced out and replaced by Designer Labels.

This is happening now.

Every day, an average of 16 shops close on Britain’s high streets – at double the rate of last year. Analysis by PwC and Local Data Company found 1,772 stores disappeared from town centres in 2017 including 314 fashion outlets. Analysts blame a “perfect storm” of inflation-driven cost increases, global online competition and a slump in consumer confidence after the Brexit referendum. Shopfront closures may also be explained by the success of online retailers using local warehouses for distribution over bricks and mortar stores.

Source LinkedIn

The shop I work out of for example is in a parade of 14 seperate shops. 3 hair salons, 2 restaurants, 1 florist, 1 photographic studio, 1 dry cleaners, 1 beauty salon, 1 physiotherapist, 1 newsagent, 1 antique shop, 1 estate agents, 1 clothes store.

You can see our problem. Competition is fierce. Hair salons have reached saturation limit.

Hair salons are mostly independents, I would say we are Robot proof but not technology proof. Product companies are constantly trying to remove the skill and technique from our profession under the guise of innovation. Why learn anything if this will all be done for you? In a year or so we may be able to 3d print our hairstyle. What is the point? If there is no future for our industry.

Salons are undermined from every angle. From product companies, the education system to the bureaucrats. With this pressure on margins You’d think ‘oh we should just put our prices up.’ Oh hang on we can’t because our loyal clients are already at breaking point and raising prices means we could lose them to the salons either side of us.

Some in the industry argue that we need government regulation on top of the competitive challenges we already face. Tell me what does the government know about hair? Anyone asked Boris Johnson who does his hair? And more to the point. Who would regulate the regulators? And then who would regulate the regulators of the regulators? It’s a rabbit hole of Alice sized proportions.

The Government have already told us they will NEVER reduce or eliminate VAT on our services. Therefore I would argue if you’re vat registered you are already regulated. VAT SHOULD BE used as a badge of honour. It proves success, it proves longevity. I understand the need for a fair playing field. More regulation is not the answer. We are self regulating. It’s called competition. This is a huge industry and I would argue that some natural selection is necessary. Adapt or Dye? (Sorry.)

If only the same philosophy was followed by the banking industry in 2009. The banks who crashed the world economy got bailed out by there governments which basically meant that they don’t have to compete or have a ‘risk of failure’ Competition keeps you on your toes. Competition is what defines Darwinism and Natural selection. ‘The survival of the fittest.’ Is how we got here. Being inspired, practice and by making mistakes & self motivation to be better than yesterday. Not because someone told us what to do. Imagine Vidal Sassoon being told to do something he didnt want to do. He would have thrown you out of his shop.

In order to compete we need a simple solution. Get back to basics. We need to have a fair playing field. We need to be able to fail. We need to be able to succeed. We need to have the choice to do what is right for us. Individually and collectively and only then we can secure our place on the High St where we belong. Its in our interest.

In the words of the great Vidal Sassoon if you don’t look good we don’t look good.

Not even Vidal could have imagined how profound those words could be in 2018.

P.s another thought is that commercial rents are cheaper than residential ones. Therefore in a declining market the landlords will inevitably change the status of these properties to residential and only then will the high st be alive. Alive Online. 🤔

Are Hair Taming Treatments back?

Are Taming treatments back? The Brazilian blow dry came to the UK around 2007 and has now been outlawed. It’s practice in UK salons in 2018 is very low. This is mainly because of the the original ‘brazillian blow dry’s’ contained a chemical called methylene glycol & was considered to be a danger to health, depending on exposure. This chemical was key to making the process work. Since ‘MG’ in hair treatments was banned by the UK, hair companies released a lot of newly formulated treatments minus the MG & professional hairdressers struggled to make them work. With Brazillians and Tamers reputation in tatters because the latest formula wasn’t the quick fix they had been used to.  Hair brands have been looking for a new solution ever since and I have been testing a few. The results I will publish soon. But if you want to learn about condition and want an honest and open chat. Let me know. To find out more go to my blog allabouthaircondition.wordpress.com  #conditioncrusade  #shinegoals #ConditionisKing #blonde #blondehair #healthyhair #highlights #hairdid

Condition is King

As everyone of my Hairdressing friends will testify Condition is King. Yet the focus of condition in our industry especially in the UK in my opinion seems that its not our first priority.
I want to show you the benefits of making it YOUR PRIORITY. I want to share with you what i know about hair & show that a simple change of regime will reap long lasting rewards for you & your hairdresser.

Now i am armed with a number of specific hair conditioning products for specific hair conditions. I propose to show you how to make your hair’s life easier and more beautiful than ever before.
Hair Conditioning Treatments
hair needs a treat. the clue is in the title.
One catch though and that is you must donate some pounds to my chosen charity this year which is felicia’s fund & http://prostatecanceruk.org/
I will be doing the treatments in Cowboys & Angels salon in Chalkwell on specific Tuesday’s thru March. first event will be Tuesday March 4th 2014

Armed with a number of hair conditioning treatments. I have to share with you.

Armed with a number of hair conditioning treatments. I have to share with you.

aaron dorn hair

the condition scale of hair
condition is king

Consultation Pad to help analyze Clients hair condition

Consultation Pad to help analyze Clients hair condition

Thought for the Day

•You can use the consultation pad to ask the questions that every hairdresser should ask before any kind of hair service.
•Use the scale to show the client where their hair is according to the questions asked.
•Use your fingers to feel the hair the answers to the questions should back up the reasons why the hair feels like it does.

You should Think Condition Is King & Show Your Expertise.

No excuses think  CARE  (Consultation – Analyze – Rate – Educate)
that will be all.
back to work

aaron dorn hair

the condition scale of hair

Consider using below to help analyze your clients hair condition and also track the improvement in the clients hair after every conditioning session. Incorporate this into every consultation. If you track the progress of your clients condition then you help your client understand and manage their expectation. Its a marathon and not a sprint to optimum hair condition. Make sure your client is aware of this.

Commit to them and get them to commit to beautiful hair. Good Luck

Consultation Pad to help analyze Clients hair condition

Consultation Pad to help analyze Clients hair condition


Integral Hair Condition Education in Essex

Excited to announce that my crusade against dodgy hair condition takes an important step today as i share my program for the first time in a salon.

thanks to the Girls at

cowboys and angels

based in Chalkwell Essex


Big thanks to everyone so far for there input into my idea.

Lets do this.


For more details about my hair conditioning program tweet me @hair_did