Are Hair Taming Treatments back?

Are Taming treatments back? The Brazilian blow dry came to the UK around 2007 and has now been outlawed. It’s practice in UK salons in 2018 is very low. This is mainly because of the the original ‘brazillian blow dry’s’ contained a chemical called methylene glycol & was considered to be a danger to health, depending on exposure. This chemical was key to making the process work. Since ‘MG’ in hair treatments was banned by the UK, hair companies released a lot of newly formulated treatments minus the MG & professional hairdressers struggled to make them work. With Brazillians and Tamers reputation in tatters because the latest formula wasn’t the quick fix they had been used to.  Hair brands have been looking for a new solution ever since and I have been testing a few. The results I will publish soon. But if you want to learn about condition and want an honest and open chat. Let me know. To find out more go to my blog  #conditioncrusade  #shinegoals #ConditionisKing #blonde #blondehair #healthyhair #highlights #hairdid

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