The Condition Scale of Hair


Our client loves to come to us because “i can never do my hair as well as my hairdresser.” like Joe says “your hairdresser does it Better!”

This is of course absolutely true.

However how can we help our clientele achieve beautiful hair for 365 days a year and not just the 6 or 7 times (the average we get to do there hair for them) per year. Try this.

Help them understand the state/condition of there hair and they will have an easier life maintaining it on a daily basis.

Try showing them this: The Condition Scale of Hair

This ladder/scale shows very simply, where there hair is on the scale & whether it can be improved.

It Paints the picture so they understand where they are on the scale and where they could possibly be after a treatment or 3.

The majority of your clients spend all year taking condition out of there hair and rarely put condition back in. Therefore its inevitable they would benefit from a professional salon conditioning treatment. Tell them off!

Condition should be rated like so ; 1 = bad 10 = perfect

If we can identify the reason for why they find hair so tough to finish, through gentle coaching we can make them understand why more visits to the salon is imperative to hair looking amazing 365 days a year! Its all about Condition. Condition is King

If you improve there condition then there style becomes easy!


Do you think this would help you to increase the amount of treatments your salons do?

Would this be able to back up the honest analysis. click on  the image to enlarge.


Refer your client to this. Would it help to track your clients condition rating? i think so. how else do you track improvement?

hair condition ladder

try this, show it to your client and get them to guess what rung they think there hair is on?

Would love your thoughts. Please leave feedback below.


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