Gene Editing

Fed up of Corona Virus updates?

Me too. So I began to watch a fascinating documentary on Netflix called Unnatural Selection. A docuseries about an underground movement that have discovered how to edit genes in their garage. Fundamentally the ability to change life as we know it. From their GARAGE.

From making glow in the dark dogs to curing degenerative diseases. Then it got me thinking about hair. Will it be possible to gene edit your hair?

The answer is yes. (Another nail in the coffin of the humble hairdresser you may think) but don’t worry it’s some way off as yet. And longer if the Rona has anything to say about it.

They will be able to change colour, texture and density with gene editing therapy or crispr as it may be called. Now with all technology the argument is made regarding the ethics of such a thing or playing God as some like to call it. Can it be used for bad dystopian tyrannical governments? Yes. Can it be used to end excruciating suffering from birth? Yes. And there in lies the issue. Everything can be abused, manipulated, restricted, expanded. It hasn’t stopped the human race before look at the nuclear energy, clean energy production good, atom bomb bad.

The genome map of hair traits

Anyway check it out. It’s fascinating. What would you like to see improved or changed with your genes?

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